Wishlist Destination: Wulong

Wish list destinations are places in China I am yet to explore. If you book a tour with a wishlist destination as part of your itinerary you receive a discount for being brave enough to venture into the (relativity) unknown!

Wulong county is located about 3 hrs drive north east of Chongqing city. It is an area famous for its krast landscapes. It has only recently started to make it onto the map as a tourist destination and is therefore still relatively untouched and uncrowded.

Here’s why I’d love to check it out:

1. Swimming at ‘Bead River’ (Zhuzixi, 武隆珠子溪)

The Bead River 

Bead river, also called bamboo river is a spot off the Furong river close to Wulong this little river side beach appears to be the perfect spot for a quick dip and and a BBQ. Apparently it is a little complicated to get there involving a bus an a walk/boat which means it is very quiet and not a spot on the tourist trail.

2. The Natural Krast Landscape

There are three major krast sites in Wulong; the three bridges, the Houping Giant Doline and the Furong cave.

Wulong Karst 武隆喀斯特
One of the three bridges 

All look visually stunning and like some really interesting geography.

The China Travel Guide has some good information on all three spots:

3.Camping on the Fairy Mountain grassland

Fairy Maiden Mountain
Fairy Mountain grassland 

Filled with forest and animals this mountain spot looks like the perfect location to camp for the night. Staying at an average of 20’c during summer will make it a pleasant night in a tent. A great place for a hike, horse ride and evening campfire.


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